What do people say?

Symphony House has a Review Score of 9.9

From impartial feedback collected on the online listing of care homes by carehome.co.uk, we have a review score of 9.9 out of a maximum of 10. This score for Symphony House is based on 17 reviews/recommendations in the last 2 years. This Review score is made up of a quality score of 4.92 Points out of a maximum 5, relating to the quality and  5 points out of 5 relating to the number of positive reviews/recommendations.

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What CQC says

Highlights of the last CQC report on Symphony House

People continue to receive safe care. People are consistently protected from the risk of harm and receive their prescribed medicines safely. People were supported to maintain good health and had access to healthcare services when needed; relevant health care professionals were appropriately involved in people’s care. Staff supported people to have sufficient amounts to eat and drink to help maintain their health and well-being.

Residents continue to develop positive relationships with the staff, who were caring and treat them with respect, kindness and courtesy.

Our residents have detailed personalised plans of care in place to enable staff to provide consistent care and support in line with people’s personal preferences and know how to raise a concern or make a complaint and the we have implemented effective systems to manage complaints

The service has a positive ethos and an open culture. People, their relatives and staff told us that the registered manager was a visible role model in the home. There were opportunities for people and staff to contribute to the running of the home.